There are many blogs out there that talk about the things I desire to write about … Jesus, being a mom, cleaning kitchens, losing shopping lists and keys and my mind, and, of course, writing about it all.  So, feeling like I live in the shadows of others’ thoughts and words has kept me from writing in the past.

But I yearn to write now because I am free in a new and awesome way.  I am joyful because Jesus has given me much joy, and thankful because He has given me much praise.  I dare venture out into the realm of the internet, to share my thoughts, my life, this new heart He has bestowed in me … I do so vulnerably, yet with hope that it will connect some of the missing links in my mind, heart, and soul.

I don’t assume that I’ll have much to contribute that is original.  And probably most things I write will be too long and sound crazy.  But I I seek to share what the Lord has shared with me, and that will always mean that it is a work in progress.  He reveals only enough of the bigger picture to satisfy us for the day, and so that is all I will be able to share with you.


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