Wasn’t meant to be …

The irony is not lost on me that I just spent over an hour writing a blog post called “Rewriting the story” where, mostly, I pondered how God can change the outcome of things to be different than we could ever imagine when we are obedient …. And that as I clicked on the “publish” button, the whole thing erased and can’t seem to be undone ….

So, cheers to God re-writing your story today. I have left the original post there, blank, as a reminder of this sovereign God I serve. He is rewriting my story, constantly, and I owe Him a great praise for saving me from whatever detriment would have come in publishing whatever it was that I wrote earlier.

I imagine that, at times, we make God chuckle.  This might be one of those times for me.  I love Him.

Have a blessed weekend!


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