Almost a week late … So sue me!

….Although, come to think of it, you’d better not because about all I have to my name are these two snotty-nosed germ habitats:


Anyway, this is a Valentine’s post about my husband.  I don’t celebrate the day; heck, we didn’t even hardly acknowledge that we missed our second-best excuse to binge on chocolate (being non-celebrators of Halloween, we still purchase Reese’s cups in October in those ridiculous 5 lb. bags … just to have them).  We were quite busy this past Valentine’s day, driving 17 hours back to our snow-covered home after a lovely three-day vacation in icy South Carolina.  Really, we just wanted to make it back before the iPad battery died, lest we ran out of entertainment for the tots.  Gushing my romance out on the internet wasn’t even on my list of things to think about.

However, since then, I have been preparing for what will officially be the most awkward event ever where, this upcoming Saturday, my husband and I will sit in front of a group of couples from a church (not our own church) and speak about marriage.  We are under 30 years old.  We have been married for 4.65 years.  I am a Christian only 5.35 years.   What qualifies us for this?  We have no idea.  Someone thought it was a good idea.

Well, to be completely truthful, we were the second choice.  But still, somebody agreed to this nonsense.

And then, as I began to read and write in preparation, I realized that what qualifies me for this is that I have an extremely blessed marriage.  I’m not putting ourselves up, or putting others down, nothing like that — but looking at my life, my husband, our walks with the Lord, the ministry at our church, the way that our house is held up by duct tape in some places, and yes, even those snotty-nosed kids, we have been given a real gift in even just our sanity alone, never mind our desire to still spend time together at the end of a long week.

We do have something to share.  And while we may not have all the experiences that various couples in our audience might have, nor the wisdom that comes with upwards of 20, 30, 40 years of marriage, we do have something real and that something real is affecting the way we live, the way we see the world, and the way we seek to serve God in it.

This sparks, for me, what I think might be a small reflective series on marriage.  Not sure how many people will come across it and actually take the time to read it, but I do hope that if you do, it’s a blessing to you.

I will begin with what inspired this post in the first place:  and ode* to my husband.

Oh, pale and quite Irish sir!

 You who must believe in such things as the fairy of laundry,

have you yet noticed that your underwear is folded,

every week, stacked and sorted, by color, by frequency of use?

Have you yet noticed your jacket, not left on the coat hanger,

waiting there for you upon your morning departure,

day after day? Must it have climbed up there with it’s own two arms?

Have you yet noticed that shiny toilet?

The stains and drip lines very nearly erased, week after week — I suppose, who would even dare to see these things?

You, with your stylish goatee, admirably busy about the things of the Kingdom,

Your teenage fanclub following close behind as you breathe and sing and share the bread crumbs of Life, transforming souls — encouraging the trading of ashes for beauty.

And did you know how marvelous you would look in your skinny jeans when you got them, with that guitar slung high over your shoulder, that a certain wife of yours in the second row would not be able to praise because she is distracted by her affection?

So the mismatched socks and snow traisped in and papers left about hardly matter;

I’m just glad you’re home.

And if you don’t notice the floor was mopped, and if you don’t notice the bruise above my eye (where the baby head-butted me) because we are catching up after long days softly in the darkness of our sagging mattress and downy comforter, toes touching and breath meeting sweetly halfway,

well, it’s okay; I am free to do it all over again the next day because I love you, because you love me.

How could I even begin to fathom this grace of God, if you had not shown me grace extended over my sloppy hormones and unbrushed hair?

How could I even believe in a forgiving God, had you not shown me such readiness in covering my spills, my holes-in-the-walls?

How could I even know this Love so deep, to death and back, had you not laid aside your own self, died to the things of your desires, to serve me and honor me and love me in the way you know is right, and good?

And when you gather those boys up in your arms, when they are so happy to see you, and when I feel the loneliness in my heart cast out by your presence, I sit and I smile and I wonder at the goodness of this great God we serve,

That He would give me you, to be mine.

*This is not really an ode, structurally speaking.  Creative license.   

true romance

true romance

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17 Responses to Almost a week late … So sue me!

  1. sparrowkindalove says:

    This is fantastic! You had me at snotty nosed germ habitats. I would definitely listen to your talk about marriage! Blessed to have read this. Have a great day!

  2. Terje says:

    That was so utterly beautiful. The world would be an incredible place in which to live if all couples felt as do you and if all couples took the time to tell each other just how blessed they were with the presence of their partner. Hug that partner of yours and those snotty nosed children. They are fortunate, indeed, to share a life with you. PS: I found your blog through your fantastic MIL, Marie Bostwick; yet another reason you are truly blessed.

    • Molly says:

      Thank you, all, for such thoughtful comments. And I suppose I should thank a certain mother-in-law for the free internet promotion? If you think of us on Saturday, we’d appreciate the prayers!

  3. angiey1974 says:

    I loved your post. A great laugh for the morning.

  4. Sharon Scott says:

    As a wife of 25 years, I think this is beautiful. My snotty nosed germ habitats have grown and have snotty nosed germ habitats of their own. But the sentiment of the ode still remains the same all these years later. Thank you for peering into my heart and putting it to words. 🙂
    God Bless you and yours and your ministry. I will lift it all in prayer.

  5. Pat Campbell says:

    Wonderful story. Nice read to start my day. To know you are blessed is a gift. I have been blessed with 44 years of marriage to the most wonderful man in the world. It is a true gift from God.

  6. Vickie says:

    God is never concerned about our ability. Just that we are willing to be used. I know u will do wonderful. U already blessed me

  7. I really enjoyed your perspective on marriage- I can totally relate to a lot of what you said even after 29 years of marriage – so much changes but so much stays the same. The key is the love!

  8. Sheryl Hobart says:

    On this cold snowy-rainy day ,your blog was a breath of fresh air, is not our Lord so great that he gives us mates who allow us to be us!! And still grants us love in the midst of our lives together. and your little snotty nosed germ habitats are just adorable.

  9. Carol says:

    You definitely have something to say! And we’ve been married almost 38 years. Good luck on Saturday.

  10. Kate says:

    Just lovely! Marriage of any length should be respected in this day and age … It is always work and effort! I am certain you both will be a blessing to your listeners.

  11. Cheryl Raduenz says:

    Great Ode!!!! I have been married for almost 47 years and wish I would have read this before. Sometimes I get so caught up in worldly things and I soooo needed this reminder 🙂 Thank you so much!!!!!

  12. bev Jenkins says:

    Loved your blog..thank you for sharing via your mum. Prayers will be with you on Sat .

  13. Penny Case says:

    Awesome! Praying for Saturday!

  14. Pamela Johnson says:

    Beautiful ode!! Thanks to Marie I was able to see/read this. You have a wonderful story to share….prayers for you on Sat….made my day!

  15. I was also led to read your blog by your MIL, and I feel blessed to have read such wonderful words of wisdom…keep up the awesome ministry!!!

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