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Five Minute Friday: Hero

A hero uses his power not for his own end, but for the cause of the greater good. Something like that.  Have you ever watched the show Heroes?  I have.  That’s about where that comes from, I think. If there … Continue reading

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one thirty nine, for me.

O Lord, you have searched my heart and known my life. You know my sitting down, my sleeping in past the alarm, my rest in front of the needless TV screen; you know my rising up, my hesitant waking to … Continue reading

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I needed that like a hole in the … wall.

It was a Christmas present, something perfect, exactly what I had wanted.  It was going to epitomize stay-at-home-mom artsiness and it was going to turn my house into the inviting, cozy, humble, lived-in-but-magazine-worthy abode I’ve always wanted. It was a … Continue reading

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Can I just have Jesus, please?

Ann Voskamp wrote it first:  “Can I just have Jesus, please?” Yeah, that. I put the baking sheet of breaded chicken nuggets into the preheated oven.  My fingers trace the residue left in swirls on the countertop, a quick swipe … Continue reading

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Errant Toddlerdom

Charlotte Mason wisely wrote, “I think a mother gets to understand many things about the dealings of God that are not plain to others.” (Formation of Character, page unknown because I am reading it on an e-reader????).  Pretty good for … Continue reading

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