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Have you ever …

… opened up your shower only to find a cowboy hat inside? … woken up from an afternoon doze-off by something that smelled like burning vanilla cupcakes, only to remember that you had started heating milk for homemade yogurt before … Continue reading

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His mercy endures forever

It came up on the Sunday sermon, with a quick mentioning it comes and goes and I almost miss it:  the orphans, called the fatherless, those without fathers … Something rings a bell, but I continue listening, focused to glean … Continue reading

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Bookkeeping 101: Taking an honest account

It’s real easy to fudge numbers.  Round up here, round down there, squint a little, make sure to distract from the discrepancies by having the information organized meticulously in a color-coded Excel spreadsheet.  Sure, you can make anything seem like … Continue reading

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